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Papers are produced by Yunnan Dexin Paper Co. LTD,which is a part of Energy Group.Dexin paper mainly produces speciality paper products, which are encouraged by the development of western China.With strong product development ability, excellent product quality and good product adaptability, our products have developed rapidly, filled the blank market which has a large number of packaging and printing enterprises but no special paper deep processing enterprises in southwest China .Dexin paper is a national high-tech enterprise, whose "rainbow laser transfer anti-counterfeit card paper" has been certified both by National and Yunnan Province key products. In 2013, Dexin paper was named "Provincial Enterprise Technology center of Yunnan" and passed the review in 2015.

Yunnan Dexin Paper Co., LTD.was established in January 2006, which engaged in the production, processing and sales of directly coated paper, laser transfer paper, aluminum spraying gold and silver card paper, liquid wrapping paper, coated composite paper, glass card paper, high-precision laser positioning transfer film, high-precision laser positioning bronzing electrochemical aluminum and other products. The company has its own design and development capacity, and has introduced a number of coating, moulding, aluminum plating, composite peeling and cutting equipment, which can be used for environmentally friendly &high-grade packaging paper for deep processing. The company committed to produce various kinds of high quality, grade and environmentally friendly products, and has successfully developed a laser transfer paper (environmental protection) avoidance technology, preprint cursor positioning transfer technology, water-based membrane transfer technology, and successful applied in tobacco supporting industry  the company has 21 patents of utility model by the end of 2017.

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