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Packages are mainly produced and printed by Yunnan Energy Tobacco Pak division and Yunnan Energy Aspetic Pak division with a business scope of cigarette package, gable top package , aseptic sleeve package and medical package of various specifications. With an annual production capacity of 3 billion aseptic packaging boxes and 500,000 large boxes of cigarettes, We have a very strong competitive advantage with the sales network over China and abroad.

We own multiple sets of imported and domestic equipment, including gravure printing, flexo printing, offset printing, screen printing and hot stamping die cutting equipment, as well as film, sealing and molding equipment. We also have an excellent management team and high-quality production talents with more than 10 years working experience in the industry. Making full use of our scientific and technological strength , we constantly developing new products and new processes with market prospect and competitiveness, we also have the ability to research and develop the production process of cigarette label and liquid beverage packaging box, so that our products have always maintained advantages in the market competition.

We developed the packaging boxes of liquid beverage including gable top package, aseptic brick and aseptic sleeve package  according to the market demand. Our products are characterized by advanced technology, exquisite materials, bright printing color, beautiful appearance, multi-layer, excellent heat sealing performance, strong adaptability , low filling loss and low price.Its product quality, performance indexes can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad, which are also the world popular environmental friendly liquid food packaging boxes,.Our products (types include: type L brick package,  type K package, gable top A, gable top B)  have gradually step into the market, and widely used in milk, fruit juice and other liquid food packaging.

In 2017, we have made a number of breakthroughs in technological innovation. We and our subsidiaries have obtained 9 patents for utility models, and 19 patents are being applied and accepted.By the end of 2017, we had 84 patents in total, including 77 for utility models, 6 for invention patents and 1 for design.

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